• F3F Calendar 2021

      Key to series:

      • BMFA - BMFA League and UK team selection
      • ET - Eurotour
      • WL - Winter League
      • WC - World cup (only European events shown) - see FAI for complete list


      Date Event Series
      Mar 27–28 Champion of Champions, HoH WL
      Apr 1–3 La Muela, ESP ET/WC
      Apr 11 BMFA L1, Bwlch BMFA
      Apr 30–May 2 Iceland, ISL ET/WC
      Apr 30–May 2 Hainburg, AUT ET/WC
      May 2 BMFA L1 (2) (Whitesheet) BMFA
      May 7–9 Polish Spring Cup, Gdansk ET/WC
      May 15–16 BMFA Nationals, Bwlch BMFA
      May 21–23 Postojna, SVN ET/WC
      May 29–30 RC Network Open, Vogesen WC
      May 30 BMFA L2, Whitesheet BMFA
      June 5–6 BMFA Nationals (Reserve), Bwlch BMFA
      June 11–13 Wöllaner Nock, AUT ET/WC
      June 13 BMFA Reserve 1 (Wales/Whitesheet) BMFA
      June 18–20 Ardeche TOA, FRA WC
      June 25–27 26–27 South of England Open BMFA/ET/WC
      July 2–4 Cantabrien, ESP WC
      July 9–11 Vittoria, ESP ET/WC
      July 16–18 Col de Tende, FRA ET/WC
      Jul 25 BMFA L3, HoH BMFA
      Aug 8 BMFA L4, Long Mynd BMFA
      Aug 21–22 English Open [none]
      Aug 27–29 Asturias, ESP WC
      Sept 3–5 Hanstholm, DNK ET/WC
      Sept 17–19 Welsh Open BMFA/ET/WC
      Sept 26 BMFA Reserve 2, (Long Mynd/ Hole of Horcum) BMFA
      Oct 2–10 World Championships, FRA