• F3F Calendar 2018

      2018 F3F UK Contest Calendar:

      Here is the current calendar for UK F3F Events along with the intended location.

      Reserve dates have not been appointed a venue. In the unfortunate event that the reserve dates are required, then the venue will be chosen and announced as soon as possible. The choice of venue will depend on the locations of dates which have already run in the year, and will attempt to neutralise any geographical bias that has occurred.

      Registration for each BMFA contest will be sent out via F3Fyahoogroups email and will open on the Wednesday 2 weeks before each contest and close on the Wednesday before at 10pm. In addition to the email, a thread will be started on the BARCS Forum in the 'UK Contest Enteries' section Here: http://www.barcs.co.uk/forums/forum/64-uk-f3f-contest-entries/

      Example: Whitesheet on the 23rd April.  Registration will open on Wednesday April 12th and close Wednesday 19nd April at 10pm.

      If you are not registered to F3FYahoo groups you can contact the the league coordinator directy.

      Alternatively you can register to the F3FYahoo group here: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/F3F/info

      Registration will be taken through the GBSRA website

      ics Download .ics file to add dates to your calendars.

      Date Location Event League & Team
      Selection Event
      7-8 April Bwlch, South Wales UK Champion of Champions NO
      22 April Hole of Horcum BMFA League 1 YES
      19-20 May Bwlch, South Wales BMFA Nationals YES
      3 June Whitesheet BMFA League 2 YES
      22-24 June Hole of Horcum Eurotour North of England Open YES
      8 July Eastbourne BMFA League Reserve 1 YES
      14-15 July N/A BMFA Nationals Reserve  YES
      5 August Long Mynd BMFA League 3 YES
      18-19 August Whitesheet English Open NO
      31 Aug-2 September Wales Eurotour Welsh Open YES
      16 September TBA BMFA League Reserve 2 YES