• Flying in the UK

      Information for visitors coming to the UK to compete in Model Flying competitions


      Operator ID

      Flying model aircraft in the UK requires a valid Operator ID number which is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 

      As a visiting pilot you may use the Operator ID of the GBSRA for the duration of the competition. At the start of the competition, we will issue labels for your models if you require them. These are only temporary for the duration of the competition and must be removed at the end of the competition.

      All models must be labeled with an Operator ID in order to comply with UK law. Please see the following link for how to label your model:



      Flyer ID

      All pilots must also have a valid Flyer ID from the CAA.

      This is acquired by taking a free short test. To prepare for the test you should read the Drone and Model Aircraft Code then take the test:



      Flying outside of the competition

      If you wish to fly in the days before or after the competition, you must obtain your own Operator ID and use this to label your models. You will have to pay £9 and use the following link to register yourself: