• Winter League Rules

      Champion of Champions trophy

      Aims of the F3F Winter League

      The aim is to promote F3F at a regional level as well as to add an ‘end of winter’ final to some of the fastest flying of the year.

      Qualifying Rules

      The current North, Midlands, South of England and Welsh leagues – are to be the leagues invited for the Winter League.  The top 4 Scottish Pilots from their winter league will also be invited. Anyone wishing to make their league a ‘qualifying event’ should contact the Champion of Champions Hosting Club Organizer before the end of the season.

      Each league will be invited to send its top 5 pilots (identified by finishing positions) to take part in the 2 day fly-off  to be held at one of the UK's flying sites on the last weekend of March.

      In addition to the Open class F3F positions, pilots taking part with models of up to 2m span will be classified in their own league.  If a league has 3 or more pilots racing 2m models during the winter, the top 2m pilot will be invited to the Champion of Champions race.

      Each pilot will automatically be entered into the league that they first race in.  Changes to each pilot’s qualifying league must be made to the League Coordinator and made public before the final round of winter league races begins.

      A pilot may only ‘race’ in either the open or 2m class.

      In the event of a pilot not being able to compete, or qualifying through another league, the opportunity to race will be passed down each league’s finishing order, to achieve 5 pilots from each league.  ‘Guest’ flyers may be invited at the Organizer’s discretion - such as CD’s/buzzer supremos.

      Entry fees to the final will be restricted to the amount required by the host club to put on the day’s racing and paying their land owner.


      The Champion of Champions trophy will be award each year and returned by the winning pilot.  Any other prizes will be identified and declared by the organizer each year.

      Previous Champions of Champions

        1st 2nd 3rd
      2015 Simon Thornton Mark Redsell Greg Dakin
      2016 Simon Thornton Peter Gunning Martin Newnham
      2017 Greg Dakin Simon Thornton Richard Bago
      2018 Joel West Mike Evans Andy Burgoyne
      2019 Mike Shellim Richard Bago Mark Treble
      2020-2021 Cancelled due to COVID19 restrictions
      2022 Mike Evans Ewan Maxwell Richard Bago
      2023 Stefan Bertschi Mark Redsell Dave Rumble
      2024 Paul Garnett Mark Redsell William Fourie