• Appeal to members of GBSRA and the Whitesheet Club

      Nearly all of you know Stuart Wallace, perhaps under his nickname of Gromit. Many of you also know Gill, his wife, and their sons Tom and Samuel. Stuart has not been silent recently about Tom’s ongoing battle with cancer. He has now had four courses of chemotherapy, and a decision is to be made today (15th October) about a possible fifth.

      There is little that any of us can do about the difficulties that the Wallace family face, except in one respect. At the moment Tom is in hospital in London, and the family home is in Crondall in Hampshire. An adult return train ticket costs £24, so that if one of Gill or Stuart go to be with Tom on a daily basis, they face additional costs around £200 per week. Tom has been receiving treatment for well over a year (not all of it in London), and the additional burden on the household budget has now become critical.

      Because of this, we are organising a whip-round of the GBSRA and the Whitesheet Club, with the intention of helping out the Wallaces in their time of need. To this end, the GBSRA has set up a dedicated bank account to which you can make donations directly.

      We would ask you all to be as generous as you possibly can be, to help out the family of a man who has done much to further the cause of RC soaring on both a local and a national level.

      Thank you very much for your donations. The appeal is now closed.