• Northern Summer League 2015

      This year we will be running an informal Summer League in the North & West Yorkshire area. We will be trying out some new locations for competitions, so it should be interesting!

      We have 5 dates which are all on Saturdays and the venue will be announced a few days before the competition when we know what the wind direction will be.

      All are welcome to come along especially anyone who has not flown F3F before. This is an informal event and a chance to get some practice on the course, fly on some new hills, and enjoy some splendid views.

      Dates are:

      1. Sat 2nd May
      2. Sat 6th June
      3. Sat 25th July Sat 1st August
      4. Sat 29th August Sat/Sun 5th/6th September
      5. Sat 3rd October


    • Saturday 6th June

      Due to too much wind in the forecast, this event was moved to Sunday. Six of us made the journey up to the slope at Hawes where we flew 10 rounds. The wind stayed pretty much due west all day, which made for mostly cross-wind and occasionally tricky conditions.

      In view of the small entry, we flew a standard F3F timed run (scoring) followed immediately by a second timed run (non scoring) without launch, but with 30s climb out from completing the previous run. This gave plenty of flying (20 rounds, 10 scoring, 10 timed, non scoring) with a bit of time between pilots to keep the bases and center manned. Initially times were quite variable, but settled down later in the day although thermal activity still played a significant part in the proceedings. 

      1  M Redsell     8698.19   1000.00
      2  P Upton       8473.46    974.16
      3  K Wood        7782.74    894.75
      4  M Treble      7725.09    888.12
      5  N Shead       5650.00    649.56
      6  R Hampshire   5158.64    593.07



    • Saturday 2nd May Results

      1  P Upton       2935.47   1000.00
      2  M Redsell     2675.20    911.33
      3  P Garnett     2633.99    897.29
      4  P Gunning     2625.89    894.53
      5  K Wood        2547.77    867.92
      6  M Treble      2526.43    860.65
      7  J Tideswell   2296.57    782.35
      8  G Young       2204.83    751.09
      9  D Watson      2193.59    747.27


    • Saturday 2nd May

      Our first competition is on, and will be held near Buckden on the Yorkshire Dales. The grid ref for meeting is lat 54.219004N lon -2.088610. The location is mid-way between Cray and Kidstones a couple of miles north of Buckden.

      Meet time will be 10a.m. with a view to start flying around 11a.m.