• BMFA F3F League 6 2015

      We finally managed to get a contest in today after months of unsuccessful weather and cancelled contests, even then it put up a fight to complete only the minimum 4 rounds. Conditions were certainly challenging round 1) had 36 second difference between first and last, Round 2) 21 seconds, Round 3) 23 seconds and the finally Round 4) 31 seconds.

      Many pilots experienced the frustrations of the air in every round but it was still great to get out with everyone again for a chat and hour of so of sport flying.

      Well done to Mark T on the win, Graeme Mahoney in 2nd and Simon Thornton in 3rd.

      Below are the overall scores.


      Fastest time of the day: Mark Redsell 41.92

      ...and some photos from Mike Shellim: http://rc-soar.com/gallery/2015/bmfa_l6/index.php