• SlopeGlide 2013

      Slope Glide 2013 - F3F from Tom Foreman on Vimeo.

      Thank fully the weather was on our side for the weekend and we had plenty of wind and sun for this year’s SlopeGlide contest. Last year we were in Wales and with the change of location we moved to the Hole of Horcum. Although the numbers were not as high as last year, we still had plenty of pilots for an excellent weekend of flying.

      The first day put us on Levisham, this is a very challenging slope at the best of times but add its variability and you can be punished in every round. At the end of the day there were a few broken models after the 10 rounds, thankfully all were reparable. Setting the variability aside , other than 2 rounds the rest were won with sub forties, the fast time by Mark Redsell with 31.66 which was also the fastest time of the weekend.

      The results at the end of day 1 were as follows:


      Sunday, the wind was looking to be more southerly and the hope of flying on the bowl was eagerly awaited by all, conditions on this slope tend to more consistent, how wrong we was. Every round had its good a nd bad flights , everyone suffered at some point throughout the day. It was still a great days flying enjoyed by everyone.

      Overall it was an excellent weekend of flying and I think everyone enjoyed the flying, the rel axed atmosphere and the company.

      To the final results, Mark Redsell took the honours and didn’t put a foot wrong for a well deserved th e win. It was great to see John Phillips sharing the honours along with Greg Dakin in third. I hope the port and win went down well.

      At the end of the 20 rounds the scores were not as far apart as the conditions would have suggested they would be.


      I would like to thank Jon Edison and Ronnie Lampe for sharing CD duties, the new timing equipment with its latest up date uploaded was faultless on both days. Frank, Mark A, Mark R and Paul for getting the course out to the slope and ready for use. Kev and Tom who s hared buzzer supreme duties. Finally North Yorkshire Moors Ridge Soaring Club for sharing the slopes again for us to race our models.

      I look forward to catching up with you all again soon.