• UK F3F Calendar 2024

      The BMFA league is also used for UK team selection.

      Date Event Series
      Mar 23–24 Champ of Champs (Hole of Horcum) Winter League
      Apr 7 BMFA L1(Wales) BMFA league
      Apr 20–21 UK Nationals (Wales) BMFA league
      Apr 27–28 UK Nationals reserve (Wales) BMFA league
      May 19 BMFA L2 (Whitesheet) BMFA league
      June 9 BMFA reserve 1 BMFA league
      June 28-30 North of England Open Eurotour + BMFA league
      July 21 BMFA L3 (Scotland) BMFA league
      Aug 4 BMFA L4 (Long Mynd) BMFA league
      Aug 17–18 English Open [none]
      Sept 13-15 Welsh Open Eurotour + BMFA league
      Sept 29 BMFA L5 (HoH) BMFA league 
      Oct 20 BMFA reserve 2 BMFA league 


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    • BMFA F3F League Tables 2022